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Our founding story

Luna Daily began with two friends discovering a 'feminine hygiene' wash hidden away in a bathroom cupboard, sparking a conversation: Why are we so ashamed to talk about a part of our body that’s so important to us? Why should the vulva need separate products to the rest of our bodies? Why are women so in the know about their haircare or facial skincare routines yet often in the dark about how to care for their vulvas?

And so Luna Daily was born, here to make products for and conversations about Womanhood as natural as they should be for everyone, everywhere.

One of those friends happened to be Katy Cottam.
‘We’re a generation of women who, more than ever, consider all the aspects of what we buy, eat, put on our faces, and yet for so many women, their intimate skin is an afterthought, only prioritised when there is a ‘problem’. The more we can normalise conversations about Womanhood at all ages and stages, the more we destigmatise it, remove the embarrassment and shame, and help everyone embrace the changes and what it means to be a woman in a more inclusive, positive way.'

The Luna Daily Collective

Dr Shazia Milak

Highly experienced consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Passionate and dedicated to ensuring women have access to the best quality healthcare.

Dr. Inge Kreuser-Genis

Leading vulval dermatologist Independent consultant.

Passionate about raising awareness, education & understanding of the vulva.

Dr. Penelope Law

Leading specialist obstetrics and gynaecologist with over 20 years experience teaching and practicing.

Passionate about progressing women’s health through education and research.

Marta Kinsella

Specialist pelvic health and rehabilitation physiotherapist.
Co-founder of LETO.

Passionate about improving women’s holistic health through treating the Pelvic Floor

Rachael Polowyj

Formulation scientist and academic writer.

Passionate about disrupting categories through bringing new ingredient innovation and formulations to market.

Our Values

Expertly developed products for intimate skin and everywhere else.

Information and resources for women

Connecting women to each other and themselves.

In partnership with

Together, we are committed to changing the future of female health by making conversations about Womanhood and Gynaecological health natural, whilst raising funds to support the ongoing work of The Lady Garden Foundation in reducing the devastating impact of Gynaecological cancers.

Our responsibility

All our products are 100% recyclable and made with 50% recycled materials
We formulate with 100% vegan ingredients
When you order from luna-daily.com, our packaging is 100% NET Zero and printed with eco-friendly vegetable and water-based inks
We’ve selected our supply chain partners carefully and always prioritising how we can further reduce our impact. We're always open to suggestions.